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- Favorites Editor
- Favorites Editor

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With the map feature you can browse Google Maps directly on your player.

You start by choosing a location. This can be either your home location that you have set, a favorite that you have added or a preset location. You can also search for a city/place or U.S. zipcode.

Your home location is indicated by a pin with a star while favorites are displayed by a pin with a circle inside. On your remote control, press the Zoom key to zoom in, Subtitle to zoom out and Menu to open the options menu.

Home / Favorites

To set your home or add a favorite, make sure that the map is showing at zoom level 1 the place that you want to select. Press the Menu button to open the options menu and select Set Home or Add Favorite. Use the arrow keys so that the pin on the screen indicates the place that you want to select and press OK. Press to back key on the remote to cancel. If adding a favorite you will then get a screen where you can enter the name of the favorite.

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