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Highway Manager

Highway Manager is the most complete and flexible gas mileage application for the Palm OS® platform.

No matter how you prefer to keep track of all expenses relating to your car or motorcycle, that you travel for business or pleasure, that you use miles or kilometers, travel accross the border often or only drive to the shopping center, Highway Manager is up to the job. So next time you go driving, dont forget your Palm OS® device !


Highway Manager supports both metric and imperial units. You can enter values in one format and then display them in another format.

Statistics are available on a vehicle basis, single entry basis or even on a date range basis (i.e.: "how much did I spend last quarter?").

Every entry can be assigned to a different category (e.g.: business, maintenance, insurance, personal, BP gas, etc) alllowing you to easily categorize all the expenses relating to your car or motorcycle.

Highway Manager also supports the concept of a "trip". When you go on a weekend trip or on a holiday, it is nice to keep track of statistics for that particular event, i.e.: what the gas mileage during the trip was or what the total cost of gas was. Or sometimes it is just nice to have these entries separate so you can check them later against your receipts, when they come in.

Each entry can be annotated with a text note to describe the particular situation surrounding that entry. Notes can be used as a trip log or for tax purposes to keep track of business-related mileage. Note templates facilitate regular entries.

Highway Manager supports up to 10 vehicles.

Highway Manager is fully currency enabled. Once you define the relationship between your base currency and any other currency, enter your fill-up information in those currencies and the program will convert the amounts to your base currency.

Highway has a bult-in charting function that enables to view the latest statistics of your vehicle.

With the included Highway conduit (Mac OS 8.6/9.x/OSX & Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP) import and export all your data to and from your desktop. Tax season again? export your data to the desktop, open it in Excel or other popular spreadsheet program, print it and send it to the authorities !

Highway Manager costs only $14.95 !

With the additional Weather Manager module, download the current weather and 5-day forecast for cities around the world! [Learn more]


Japanese users, Highway Manager is now available in Japanese! Thanks to an excellent job by Satoshi Tominaga. A short description of Highway Manager in Japanese is available here, courtesy of Muchy.


The HTML documentation is good for consulting online while the PDF documentation is perfect for keeping a printed copy around. In its unregistered state Highway Manager will allow a maximum of 7 entries which should be good for a full month of usage.

Documentation - HTML
Documentation - PDF
(requires Acrobat)


I find Highway Manager the most useful program on my Palm after calendar and contact. You have done an excellent job in UI design and programming.
Shirish, USA

I can't imagine anymore driving a car without administering the costs without Highway Manager.
Carsten, Germany

Thanks for a great program. I love it.
Tim, USA

I have tried a number of applications similar to "Highway", but the difference I appreciate with your application, is its conduit, with the ability to upload a comma-separated file, that can be easily imported to a spread-sheet.
David, Canada

Highway Manager is so COOL for Japanese, too. I have already reviewed Car Minder and Auto Mobile. But I can say Highway Manager is MOST powerful and useful milage management software. I like Highway Manager Coduit especially. I was suprised that this conduit can work well on Japanese characters!
Muchy, Japan

Thanks for the GREAT program. It is of great use to me.

I just wanted to drop you a line about the Gas Mileage program for the PalmPilot and say thanks. I live in L.A. and the gas prices have gone way up lately, and this little program gives me some feedback.
Bob, USA

Just a note to say thanks for your highway program for the Palm.
Have found it useful - saves using the calculator - especially as my mind still works in UK Gallons, and the petrol pumps deliver in Litres!

Gareth, UK

I just downloaded your highway manager. Rad program man.
Heath, USA

Excellent travail. J'utilise votre logiciel pour conserver et cumuler les frais d'utilisation de mes véhicules.
Noel, Canada

Congratulations for your very nice program. I've tried all mileage programs I found and finally chosen HighwayManager. It really works fine.
Kreso, Croatia

Great program!!
Martín, Argentina

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