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Main screen

Map - to see the distance between any 2 points, tap and drag the stylus

Maps can be shown in full screen and can display waypoints (purple cross), POI routes (in blue - a series of waypoints linked together) and tracks (in red - a sequence of movements that is automatically recorded) .

Full screen map

Map showing some waypoints (purple), direction to the selected waypoint and a recorded track (red). Navio is great for sailing!

Full screen map showing a recorded track

Waypoints screen

Track recorder screen

Satellite View - Signal mode

Satellite View - Position mode

Log window

Hardware configuration screen

Windows mains screen GPS Accuracy screen

What you can do with A2B

A2B is the new and innovative geo-location search engine which enables you to find interesting services close to your current location.

Search A2B based on your current location...

...and then click on a result to see it's location on the map or add it directly to your list of POIs.

Click anywhere on your map and search A2B for sites around that point.

Search A2B for sites around one of your POIs.

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