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Navio should work with all GPS units that can output data in the standard NMEA 0183 standard. Consult the documentation that came with your GPS receiver to see how you should configure your device to use this mode.

Communication parameters are set in Navio in the hardware setup screen. Select the comunication port that your GPS receiver communicates on, speed will usually be 4800 for most receivers and 57600 for the Navman GPS series. Parity is usually set to None, Data to 8 and stop bits to 1 (see documentation for more information).

For Bluetooth GPS make sure that you have first bonded them with your Pocket PC using the Bluetooth control panel and that you have selected the option "Create Serial Profile" if asked.

Navio has been tested to work with the following GPS receivers:

Billionton CF GPS
Bluepoint Studio Pocket Earth
CoPilot BTGPS3
DeLorme Earthmate USB
Deluo GPS
EMTAC/Socket Bluetooth GPS
Fortuna Clipon Bluetooth
Fortuna GPSSmart Bluetooth
Fortuna PocketXTrack-D78D
Fortuna U2 GPS (serial)
Fortuna Slim Bluetooth SiRF III GPS
Garmin eTrex
Garmin Geko 201, 301
Garmin GPS 5 (V Deluxe)
Garmin GPS 10
Garmin GPS 12 (Select "NMEA/NMEA" from Setup / Interface menu)
Garmin GPS 72 (Select "RTCM in/NMEA out" from Setup menu / Interface tab, and select option "GPS Status (GSA, GSV)")
Garmin GPS 76 (Select "RTCM in/NMEA out" from Setup menu / Interface tab)
Garmin III
GlobalSat Bluetooth GPS
GlobalSat CF-GPS
Haicom HI-203E GPS
Haicom Hi-303 CF
Holux GM-270 CF
HP HW6515 Internal GPS
HP RX5935 (Serial NMEA 0183/Serial Cable on Com1/9600/N/8/1)
Kirrio Bluetooth GPS
Kirrio wired GPS
Leadtek 9531 Serial
Magellan Meridian Gold (Select NMEA V2.1 GSA)
Medion MD95000 with integrated GPS
Mitac Mio 168 Pocket PC 2003 with integrated GPS
Mitac Mio 169
Mitac Mio 201
Mobitrak Handimap
Motorola M12
Navigon Bluetooth
Navman GPS1000 CF
Navman 3000/34000*
Navman 4400 Bluetooth GPS
Nikkai (COM8)
O2 XDA Orbit
Pharos iGPS-360CF
Pharos GPS-360
Pharos iGPS-SD
Polstar I-Geo Pro Bluetooth
Pretec CompactGPS
Radio Shack GPS DigiTraveler
Rayming TripNav TN-202 CF
Rikaline 6010 GPS mouse
Royaltek RGM-2000 GPS mouse
Samsung Omnia Sch i910
SysOn Bluetooth GPS Plus
SysOn CF Memory GPS 256 Mb
THBBury GPS Mouse
TomTom Bluetooth GPS (Navio 2.3 and higher)
TomTom wired GPS
Typhoon MyGuide 3500
XAIOX Bluetooth GPS NavOne V3
Yakumo PDA 300 GPS (Select COM2 in Navio)

If you have succesfully tested Navio on a GPS unit not listed here, please let us know!

If you have problems with a specific GPS receiver, see the support page for the information that you can send us.

*  For Navman, make sure you have installed the latest service pack and the serial driver v3.1.6.

*  For help getting Navio to work on a Pocket PC where TomTom 3 is installed, see our support page. For TomTom Bluetooth GPS use Navio v2.3 or higher.

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