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Navio is the perfect companion for your GPS receiver!

Navio gives you access to all the information from your GPS receiver on your Pocket PC 2002/2003/WM5.0 device or Windows computer (95/98/NT4/Me/2000/XP).

Version 3.1 - Now supports square screens like that of the HP HW6515 and also landscape mode of Pocket PCs 2003 Second Edition.

Navio wins the 2005 and 2008 iPaq Choice Award in the category "Travel & Maps"

Best Software Award 2008        

With Navio you can:

  • Check your current position, heading, speed and altitude and see how many satellites are being used for your current fix as well as strength of the signal and margin of error.
  • See your current location, trace your route and calculate the distance between any two points on any digitized map. With the ability to set up to 3 reference points for map calibration, Navio will accurately show your position on the map. A great feature for travelling, hiking, geocaching, golfing, sailing and much more.
  • Keep track of an unlimited number of waypoints/POIs with distance and direction information to each point. Easily export these lists to spreadsheet programs for further analysis. Plot a course from waypoint to waypoint on the map. Navio supports the popular GPX and LOC geocaching formats. Great for geocaching and hiking !
  • Save all your GPS movement data and replay them later or see the entire route on the map. Easily check the distance and altitude travelled, average speed and time taken.
  • Navio is fully integrated with A2B the new and innovative geo-location search engine. Easily search A2B from the map or POI window to find interesting services close to your current location (demo).
  • Navio supports two-way coordinate translation between the standard WGS84 and UTM coordinates as well as several country grids (Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, UK).
  • Navio comes with a Today plugin for Pocket PCs allowing you to see you position, speed and course while you are performing other tasks.
  • Works with any serial or Bluetooth GPS device that supports the standard NMEA 0183 message format.
  • When you purchase Navio you will receive both the Pocket PC and Windows version. The Pocket PC version is great to take with you on the move while the Windows version is very useful for calibrating maps at home before you leave.

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Navio costs only, $24.95 !
(includes both Pocket PC and Windows versions!)


 Windows - v3.14
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The documentation contains full details on how to install and use Navio.

*  For Navman, make sure you have installed the latest service pack and the serial driver v3.1.6.

*  For help getting Navio to work on a Pocket PC where TomTom 3 is installed, see our support page. For TomTom Bluetooth GPS use Navio v2.3 or higher.

Demo / Registered

In demo mode, Navio will have full functionality but will only receive data for about 5 minutes at a time. This is so that you can verify that Navio can talk to your GPS unit before you purchase it.


Navio does not come with any maps but you can find some in the links below. Note that you should use maps that use a linear scaling of latitudes and longitudes (also called Equidistant Cylindrical):

Release History

v3.14 - July 5th 2006 - Fixed NL RD coordinate display. Fixed Entering POI's with Eastern longitude. Fixed British grid coordinate transformation.

v3.12 - February 3rd 2006 - Bug fixes.

v3.1b - October 22nd 2005 - Fully compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0.

v3.1 - August 29th 2005 - Support for square screens (like for the HP HW6515) and also landscape screens of regular Pocket PCs. Added support for Swiss grid.

v3.0 - April 18th 2005 - Many new features:

- Maps can now be calibrated using 3 reference points, drastically increasing accuracy.

- New distance calculator mode - draw on the map to see the distance for non linear segments. A good complement to the current straight line distance mode.

- New blank map support. Use the blank map mode when you don't have any maps for your current location. You can still see your location with respect to your POIs and any recorded tracks. Useful when hiking to a location and then finding your way back following a recorded track. Press the zoom buttons to increase/decrease the scale of the blank map.

- Can load maps with gmi calibration files (from http://www.gpstuner.com/mapshare/map_list.php ).

- Can show altitude on map. Also can now fully configure what is displayed and in any combination: current speed, heading and altitude.

- Recorded tracks/trips now also record the altitude range travelled.

- Can now enter an altitude offset which will be substracted when displaying any altitude values (main, map and trip screens).

- Can show distance and course to a POI on the map window, making it easier to get to a POI without having to constantly change to the POI window.

- Can read POI-Edit ASC point of interest files (Lon,Lat,Name).

- Better support for LOC and GPX point of interest files including some bug fixes where not all waypoints were loaded.

- Can now add both a name and an abbreviation for a POI. Handy for GPX and LOC files where the GPX/LOC name is mapped to the Navio abbreviation and the GPX/LOC description is set to the Navio name.

- Can show the POI abbreviations on the map making it easier to recognize them.

- Can choose to hide all POIs that are not visible in the currently loaded map to make it easier to manage and track the ones that are visible.

- Added support for UTM coordinates and several national grid coordinate systems (Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, UK). Navio can convert back and forth between all these coordinates and the standard WGS84 coordinates.

- Can now easily switch to another application putting Navio in the background without closing it.

- New Today plugin which shows your current position, heading and speed on the Today screen while Navio is running in the background. Also makes it easier to launch/switch to Navio by just tapping on the Today screen.

- Better A2B searching integration. Can now search A2B directly from the map and POI windows.

- Will now show the accuracy of the current gps fix. The average accuracy of the GPS unit and the minimum desired accuracy can also be set so that Navio warns you when the data is too inaccurate to be useful.

- Can set a minimum speed below which the course will not be updated. Useful when walking with GPS units which do not average the course at slow speeds (jumping needle).

v2.3 - October 2nd 2004 - Added support for GPX and LOC geocaching files. Added support for A2B searching. Better support for TomTom3 port locking problem. Fixed display of satellite information.

v2.22 - August 26th 2004 - Added nautical miles in the measurements. Better support for TomTom3 port locking problem.

v2.2 - October 20th 2003 - Now have 2 modes when clicking on map: drag and measure. Better support for some GPS devices.

v2.11 - May 23rd, 2003 - Fixed missing DLL Windows problem.

v2.1 - May 23rd, 2003 - Full screen maps, bigger display of speed and course on the map, trips now also show average speed and total time, many speed improvements, show routes on map, changed name to Navio.

v2.0 - May 13th, 2003 - Bigger maps, now shows speed and heading on map, zoom map up to 8x and down to 0.25x, main screen can now show a full screen compass, waypoints screen can also show a full screen compass with direction to waypoint (great for geocaching), can save gps movement data and display it in the map window or later replay it in the program.

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